A trip to Seattle — the Seattle Public Library, and Fiddler’s Green.

I love the spaces and angles and vistas of the library, and also its strange quilted ceiling.

 And I especially adore any library that embraces its past (card catalogs) without calcifying it — these sculptures (20 feet up on the wall in a reading room) are a lovely memento mori.




 I also love SPL for their book spiral






 …and their printing block floor.





 This art lives in the children’s room.



 …elsewhere in Seattle, this is the most attractive nuisance-repelling fence I’ve ever seen.

 I love how the bridge, the ballfield, and the wheel echo the shape of the mountain.

 …and then it’s off to Fiddler’s Green!  Photos from the ferry:





 Fiddler’s foxgloves.


 The fiddler (blue) at Fiddler’s Green.







 Locus genii.


























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