Throwback Tuesday!

We went to Amsterdam and Iceland in 2015 and I somehow never got around to posting pictures. Here’s a first installment.

(all pictures can be clicked to enbiggen)

The moment it was clear we’d come to the right city: this is our hotel, and the building across the street. (Sadly the rest of the city wasn’t quite so beautifully art nouveau).

It turns out we arrived in the midst of some historic weather. Trees were down all over town and our bus from the airport had to detour around several streets like this one:

I loved the intersection of orderly man-made brick and organic curves/chaos.

Random skulls.

Canals at night.

Paradolia at the train station!

Goats are kinda freaky looking.

Poppies! (poppies, poppies, poppies…)

a preview of the library, from the water…

Atrium of the Rijksmuseum!

I’d forgotten how MUCH of scientific progress was Dutch. And no, I have no idea why there’s a bow on that clitoris.

And then I walked around the corner and MUSEUM LIBRARY. You can’t make me leave, I’m moving in.

There was also a display case in the library of medals for various city guilds and clubs…

The heads of the mannequins in the historic fashion exhibit were fascinatingly bizarre.

Suddenly: Art Nouveau Jewelry.

I had a lot of feelings about this art. On the one hand, I try not to be previous about things like books and musical instruments that can serve a profound purpose but are not in themselves intrinsically to be preserved at all costs. On the other hand… YOU DID WHAT???

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