R&D100 Awards

When a project I work on (that involves 3D printing) won one of this years R&D100 awards, my boss said “…we should wear matching 3D printed bow ties to the award ceremony”. Naturally this lead to not only 3D printed bowties, but using the laser-cutter to make components for cufflinks and the button-closure on my tuxedo.

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The Spousening

Sable and Miranda’s Spousening. All photos link to a larger version. Please ask before posting elsewhere, and if there’s anything you want taken down.
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Amsterdam, 2015 (post 2)

More Amsterdam, more art nouveau, more libary…
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Amsterdam 2015 (post 1)

Throwback Tuesday!

We went to Amsterdam and Iceland in 2015 and I somehow never got around to posting pictures. Here’s a first installment.

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NYC, May 2016

Went on a business trip. Saw some things.
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“Salvage”, at the Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland.

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Seattle, June 2015

A trip to Seattle — the Seattle Public Library, and Fiddler’s Green.

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Star Island, July 2015

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Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire

Hacked: Treasure of the Empire, in Red Hook, New York.

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Star Island, 2014

Long weekend on Star Island with the All Star 2 conference.

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