A trip to New Orleans…

A random wedding parade:

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

The music business is dead. No, I have no idea what’s going on here either.


Life finds a way.

Fuzzy little curly ferns.

Mother: a tableau.

The mortar behind the crumbled brick facades looks like Victorian lace.

I can’t see this photo without hearing the theme music to “Mystery” in my head.

“Twilight” in the graveyard.

Noon shadows.


I had given up on the idea of getting to see the Easter parades because I thought it would involve standing in the sun to be able to see anything. But it turned out, the big gay Easter parade was going down the nice shady street we were already sitting on, listening to jazz. The rest of our party met up with us, and eventually a big gay Easter parade appeared and pelted us with beads. It was awesome.

Are you worthy of my beads?

I’ve never seen so many elegant go-to-church-on-Sunday drag queens before.

The headgear was epic.

And then there were the groups that looked a little more like my demographic.

This costume was the best.

…and also bands that looked more than a little familiar (in type, if not in specifics).

His leather just seemed to go with the general feel of the parade…

She just looked like someone we would know if we lived in Nola.

This was the best hat.

Mystic Leather Royalty.

Do Not Fuck With Wonderwoman.


And a few more from later that night and the next day…

I had to take pictures of all the waterlilies.