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My friend Amy took me up in her (rented) teeny-tiny airplane.  We flew over the cape and Newport and gorgeous coastline and had the most perfect weather for tiny aircraft-flying and it was beautiful and lots of fun.  Even if it did involve waking up at 6am.

Teeny-tiny aircraft is teeny-tiny! It’s a Cessna 162 “Skycatcher”.

It has a very shiny nose.

Up up and away!

I love love love how the sun catches the the rivers and lakes as we fly past.


The fractal nature of everything from the air gives me goosebumps.

Also I like saying “alluvial.”

Fancy bridge.

Tiny model enclaves.

With tiny model lighthouses.

I’m not quite sure what was up with the even arrays of rocks…

The intersection of manmade and natural.

Tiny man fishing on big rock. (Really, there’s a tiny man there.)

Oxbows, bends, and dead trees.

These were all taken at about ~1500feet, I believe. Amy tried very hard to give me good views of pretty things. Including showing off by flying in circles around the island with the lighthouse.

The way the waves broke in different places all along the shore was a revelation.

And the turbulence around this rock, nearly entirely buried (at low tide, so presumably even more buried the rest of the time…)

I love how the shape of the foam and bubbles mirrors the shape of the islands and shorelines.

Goodbye tiny islands!

Power plant!

…and bridge, and battleship.

The IS lens was very useful for getting these photos sharp. That and all the sunlight.

I love the piebald look of the landscape under the clouds.

Obligatory prop shot.

And after a successful landing, refuel the plane. Which involves repositioning it by hand. Amy doesn’t understand why this photo is so funny. Maybe it’s just me. (Tiny plane!)

The flight was beautiful and educational and I never at any point felt unsettled or unsafe. She is an awesome pilot.